Executive Search


At CW Recruitment & Consulting, we are passionate about helping you find the best people, build successful teams, and deliver excellence through quality. Successful people working at this level in most cases must be identified, approached and motivated to join another organization. Usually these type of people are not currently considering a change and not actively scanning job advertisements.

We are flexible and actively tailor our service to suit individual client’s needs.

Close Working Relationships and Understanding

At CW Recruitment & Consulting, we develop close and effective working partnerships with our clients to ensure we understand their strategic issues and search requirements. These relationships is based on listening, integrity and trust. We take an in depth client brief incorporating client goals, company background and cultural information, the position and a profile of the ideal candidate.

We combine these elements to deliver an effective, thorough and comprehensive approach to all our executive searches, and to ensure we meet your needs precisely. To find out more about our Executive Search options please call us on 0411222975 to discuss how we can help you.