Recruitment Process

1. Client Briefing and Benchmarking

Initial client meeting, evaluation and analysis of brief, creation of assignment specification, plan of action agreed and company culture investigated.

2. Sourcing Talent

We show our value by providing good quality candidates. We use LinkedIn and jobsites, along with our own connections, research and direct approach. If we want to create a rapport with a target candidate, we will, because that’s what we do as recruiters.  Some of the methods we use:

Headhunting — We find talent by being on the lookout at all times. We know that talented people are in high demand, so we use social networks, referrals, recommendations and word of mouth.

Talent Mapping — We identify all the people who would make ideal candidates. Then we pitch the opportunity to them. Most of these people would never apply for a new job, but when we say we’ve got a job we know you’ll love, they listen.

Database — Our database of candidates has been built over many years, with meticulous care and attention to detail. Unlike larger recruiting agencies, we only work with the best applicants. Our placement rate is first class because we only put forward quality people with real potential.

Networking — A great consultant is a great networker. We make it our business to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the market.

Account Management — Our focus is on building relationships and connecting people. We reduce confusion by maintaining a single point of contact with our clients. Cressida Ward runs the business and is hands-on with every placement. You don’t get somebody down the line to deal with your precious business. You get Cressida and her 15 plus years of domestic and international recruitment experience, and her skills as a professional counsellor.

3. Pitching the opportunity

We don’t just make your company stand out from the competition, we package and sell the chance to work for your organization. We leverage our regional network to seek out ‘best-in-class’ talent to fill your needs. Filling talent pipelines is our passion – we love to meet new and exciting people. CW Recruitment & Consulting leaves nothing to chance. Skill does not guarantee performance. We identify the people with the will to produce results.  Then we make sure they fit into your Culture. First, we identify the best match from our talent network.  Then we align shortlisted candidates with the company culture and the expectations for the role using our talent management strategies. The result is extraordinary.

4. Candidate Profiling and Interviewing

Competency based interviews with CW Recruitment & Consulting, profiles compiled, analysis of skills and experience, psychometric assessments carried out where necessary. Shortlist forwarded to client and reports compiled.

5. Client Interview

Organise interviews from successful pre-screened candidates. First / second interviews, client and candidate preparation and de-brief meetings, successful candidate identified and commitment tested. Feedback is taken from both the Jobseeker and Employer and communicated back.

6. Reference checks

Our current policy is to ensure that candidates are fully referenced by at least two former managers.  We will only speak to direct managers. When conducting a reference check we clearly establish the working relationship between the candidate and the referee. Previous managers and superiors are more likely to answer questions about working habits and capabilities rather than peers who may be friends with that employee. Reference checks and background checks are forwarded through to the Employer

In addition we can also provide the following:

  • Credit Checks
  • Police Checks
  • Educational qualifications
  • Professional qualifications

7. Offer and Placement Management

Offer details and start date confirmed, resignation coaching and counter-offer counselling if required, close management of notice period.

8. Aftercare

We keep in contact with candidates and clients to help facilitate a seamless experience for both candidate and client during the initial period of employment into a new position. We know the job is not done when the offer is made. We believe in giving ongoing feedback and follow-up so people have closure and candidates can get genuine learning from the experience.

As a corporate member of the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA) means we abide by their Code of Professional Practice and observe the highest principles of ethics, equity, integrity, professional conduct and fair practice. For information on our Terms and Conditions and details of our Data Protection, Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility policies please contact us.

It also helps that we understand the recruiting process from both sides of the equation. We are not here to just sell a vacancy or find your dream job, but to promote, recognise and connect opportunities and skills.

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“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” –Benjamin Franklin