Traditional Resume vs LinkedIn

An article by Malcolm King, ‘LinkedIn a great tool but it can’t replace a well-written resume‘, was recently published in the Weekend Professional section of The Australian. As director of Republic Resumes, King expertly discusses how the traditional resume is a candidate’s ultimate sales weapon in finding their dream job. They must grab attention quickly. He explains that resumes require persuasive and factual writing aimed at a specific position. Resumes, he states, ‘are targeted and structured career biographies that drive home not only the candidate’s suitability for an interview, but satisfy a raft of other criteria’. King maintains that unlike LinkedIn, a resume can be edited into multiple versions serving different audiences or focuses.Traditional Resume vs LinkedIn

The process for securing a new role is simple and equally complex! The `must have’ is a quality resume – CW Recruitment & Consulting understand the need for the resume to make a strong, convincing impact that demonstrates the `fit’ and value of the individual and the need to meet them.

The resume writing process is not new but in today’s environment amidst high volume applications, the availability of decision-makers’ time of is highly strained and hence the impact of the first impression is crucial.

According to research, the resume allows less than 60 seconds to convince a potential employer to spend time reading the resume. CW Recruitment & Consulting have found that our partners – clients and candidates – show a high demand for assistance with resumes and interviewing in order to get noticed and genuinely show expertise and potential fit. Some clients are looking at taking the next step in their career and will often ask us where to start with their resume.

The brand of `you’ is unique and it is crucial to use a customised, consultative approach that encompasses the entire process to ensure that the jobseeker takes steps that are relevant to their personal goals and assist them in moving towards where they want to be.

It also helps that we understand the recruiting process from both sides of the equation. We are not here to just sell a vacancy or find your dream job, but to promote, recognise and connect opportunities and skills.