What are the key trends in Recruitment for 2015?

Recruitment TrendsLinkedIn has recently published an Australian Recruiting Trends report. The report explains that a variety of technological advancements have begun to modernise the recruitment industry, setting the stage for a dynamic and exciting future.

What is your recruitment strategy? While more and more organisations and jobseekers are forward thinking enough to utilise social media to assist in their recruitment processes, CW Recruitment & Consulting take great pride in partnering with both their clients and candidates and forming part of their talent acquisition strategy and jobsearch.

There are obstacles in finding good quality talent. The key area is passive candidate recruiting and being a strategic partner to our clients and candidates. Social professional networks are proving to be a great source of finding talent, but it’s not as easy as ‘’shooting fish in a barrel’’. Hidden or passive candidates may be identified who could not be found or successfully contacted using other sources. Or, because of the high usage rates and short response times on some social network communications channels, revenue-generating, and key positions may be filled faster, resulting in fewer costly vacancy days in key positions.

Client and candidate satisfaction are equally important to us. This includes the quality and performance of a placement. That is, the timeliness, ease of access, service provided, quality of candidates presented, feedback and follow-up, and overall satisfaction of the recruitment experience from both ends.

According to August 2014 Global LinkedIn Data, four years is the average length of time an employee stays at one company. With this in mind and as the market continues to improve, there are pressures to reduce recruitment spend and attract talent directly to a business. Having an effective recruitment strategy should provide a comprehensive outline for not only who your organisation should recruit, but also for when, where and how that recruitment process should take place. CW Recruitment & Consulting offer tailored advice to clients on anything from salary information, market mapping, contingency recruitment or retained search work.

The relationship and personal side of recruitment is essential, but it has not been lost just because LinkedIn turned up and made it easier to identify potential talent; it has not disappeared because recruiters’ black books have gone online. Methods for doing business have changed over the years and this LinkedIn facility is one of those changes. It has transformed the recruitment industry.

We will continue to show our value by providing good quality candidates. We use LinkedIn and jobsites, along with our own connections, research and direct approach. If we want to create a rapport with a target candidate, we will, because that’s what we do as recruiters. Recruitment, Headhunting, Talent Acquisition, Search and Selection, Executive Search all come down to process, professionalism, execution, personality, and ultimately sales management. With technology now an integral part of the modern recruitment process, there are enough resources to deploy many solutions in order to achieve a more robust solution.